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Retrofit & Overhaul - CNC Plasma, Oxy fuel, Waterjet cutting machines

The swift advancements in technology and industrial standards necessitate that companies continuously update their equipment to stay competitive. Within this framework, retrofitting industrial machines has emerged as a crucial strategy for modernizing existing infrastructure while optimizing previous investments. “Retrofit” refers to the process of upgrading, modernizing, or renovating an existing machine or system. In the industrial sector, retrofitting often involves enhancing aging but still functional machines to meet current standards for performance, safety, and energy efficiency. The primary goal of retrofitting is to extend the lifespan of equipment while improving its efficiency. Instead of entirely replacing a machine, which can be both expensive and time-consuming, retrofitting leverages the existing infrastructure by incorporating modern components and cutting-edge technologies.

Retrofitting can significantly boost the performance of industrial machines. By integrating more efficient components, advanced control systems, and modern sensors, retrofitted machines can often surpass the capabilities of their original versions. Completely replacing a machine can lead to prohibitive costs related to investment, staff training, and production downtime. Retrofitting provides a cost-effective alternative by maximizing the use of existing components, thereby reducing overall expenses. The manufacturing landscape is evolving rapidly, with new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced automation emerging. Retrofitting allows these technologies to be integrated into existing machines, giving companies the opportunity to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. Additionally, by enhancing the performance of existing machines, retrofitting contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need to manufacture new equipment. This approach aligns with sustainability goals and helps reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.

Average cost benefit of retrofit compared to purchase of a new machine is aprox 40%

We have successfully retrofited number of plasma, oxy and waterjet cutting machines made bydifferent brands: 

Messer Cutting Systems, ESAB, Soitaab, SAF Oerlikon, SATO, ZInser and many others. 

Our service team and aftersales support inlcude service and support for the best plasma systems on the market : Hypertherm and ThermalDynamics



Welding automation

Welding automation is emerging as a key strategy for modernizing manufacturing operations while maximizing efficiency and productivity. Welding automation involves the use of mechanized or automated systems to perform welding tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention. In the industrial field, welding automation often concerns processes that are critical for the production of high-quality products, aiming to enhance consistency, speed, and safety. The main objective of welding automation is to improve the efficiency and precision of welding operations while reducing costs. Rather than relying solely on manual welding, which can be labor-intensive and prone to variability, welding automation integrates advanced technologies to streamline the process.

Welding automation can significantly enhance the performance of manufacturing operations. By incorporating robotic systems, precision control mechanisms, and real-time monitoring, automated welding can often achieve higher quality and consistency than manual welding. Relying on manual welding can result in high labor costs, extensive training requirements, and potential production bottlenecks. Welding automation offers a cost-effective alternative by increasing production speed, reducing labor costs, and minimizing downtime.

Improve your productivity with automated welding

Beside designing, developing and manufacturing automated solutions for welding application, we integrate all major brands of welding machines in your production: Fronius, EWM, Miller etc


Dust and fume extraction

The rapid evolution of technology and industrial standards necessitates that companies continuously improve their workplace environments to remain competitive and ensure employee safety. In this context, fume and dust extraction systems are emerging as a crucial strategy for modernizing workshop conditions during welding and cutting processes. Fume and dust extraction refers to the use of specialized systems to remove harmful airborne particles and gases generated during welding and cutting. In industrial settings, effective fume and dust extraction is vital for maintaining air quality, protecting worker health, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. The main objective of these systems is to enhance the safety and comfort of the work environment while optimizing operational efficiency. Instead of relying on basic ventilation, which may be insufficient, advanced extraction systems effectively capture and filter contaminants at the source.

Why implement fume and dust extraction systems?

Fume and dust extraction systems can significantly improve the quality of the workshop environment. By effectively removing hazardous particles and gases, these systems protect workers from respiratory issues and long-term health problems associated with exposure to welding fumes and cutting dust. Poor air quality can result in increased health-related costs, higher absenteeism, and reduced productivity. Fume and dust extraction systems offer a cost-effective solution by improving air quality, reducing health risks, and enhancing overall workforce productivity. The manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly, with stricter health and safety regulations and an increased focus on employee well-being. Fume and dust extraction systems enable companies to comply with these regulations and demonstrate a commitment to worker safety. Additionally, by maintaining a cleaner work environment, these systems contribute to the longevity and reliability of equipment, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. This approach aligns with sustainability goals by promoting a healthier workplace and minimizing environmental impact through efficient contaminant removal and filtration.

Improve your productivity with our cutting-edge filtration solutions

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