What is bevel cutting

bevel cutting is a cutting technology where machine torch is tilted under certain angle to perform cut in material with desired bevel. Most common usage of bevel cutting is preparation for welding. To execute bevel cutting machine has to be assemblied with 3D bevel head. 

Our machines are manufactured to provide best results in plasma A, V, Y, K, and X type of bevel.

Benefits of bevel cutting


Properly used bevel technology can significantly increase productivity. It can reduce number of operations needed to produce a part and provide more accuracy in prepaaration for welding of material.

Cut quality

Bevel cutting with plasma provides better cut quality then manually beveled parts. 

Time saving

Time saving with bevel technology is one of the most important benefits. It reduces time for preparation of parts, time for manipulation of parts from one work point to another etc. 

Budget friendly

Bevel technology takes some initial investment in machine and equipment at start, but after it has been implemented in production this initial cost pays off quickly and provides significant savings.


To execute correct and good quality bevel cut, it is important to have top of the class equipment.

General info

CAT CNC machines are designed and produced for maximum productivity and for easy implementation of bevel technology. 

Machine movement

Machine movement is extremely important factor in bevel cutting. Our IXO & EON 5X machines are designed for such high demands with powerful motors, high quality linear guidelines and maximum precision. 

Plasma system

To execute high quality bevel cut, you need high end plasma system. We do not recommend using any medium or low cost plasma for bevel application.

CAD/CAM software

To create good NC code for your machine that will contain not only basic parameters but also provide full control and parameters for bevel application you need high end CAD/CAM software. We highly recommend SigmaNest Solutions for complete integration with our cutting machines. 

Advanced Bevel cutting technology available on IXO and EON HD 5X machines


State of the art bevel cutting application with ThermalDynamics UlTRA CUT XT systems


Excellent bevel cut quality with Hypertherm XPR plasma systems


Technology available with Kjellberg plasma systems

CAT CNC is the best company for all your specific production requirements.

” To achieve high quality bevel, you need not only good machine, and state of the art plasma system. One of the most important factors is support you will get from your machine supplier. Bevel cutting is not -out of the box- solution and requires a lot of knowledge from operator, technicians and machine manufacturer. This is where we have major advantage because with more then 20 years of experience in plasma cutting we are capable to provide full support to our customers .”

Tanja Rukavina  – Head of Sales 

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