CAD/CAM software

Optimised for industrial solutions


  • Solutions for plasma, flame, laser and waterjet cutting process. Our CAD/CAM solutions provide top of the class application for straight and bevel cut on sheet metal, tube and profile parts.
  • Integration with ERP and CRM solutions with extensive list of reports.

From CAD drawing to finished nesting plan in just few steps

Focused on industry and production!

Nesting automatisation

Automatic nesting with application of all advanced features and cutting parameters for best results.

Material and scrap optimization

Optimal material usage saves a lot of cost on production. Our solutions provide best material optimization 

2D and 3D proces for sheets and tubes

High efficiency and state of the art modules for 2D and 3D cutting of sheet metal, tubes and profiles, with integration to CAD systems

Integration to ERP and CRM

Our CAD/CAM solutions provide easy integartion to existing ERP and CRM solutions with extensive reports.

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What we offer?


We offer complete installation and setup of CAD/CAM solutions for your machines


Training and education for operators for all modules and processes


Online remote support, upgrades and updates