Economical solution for small companies

Low cutting and maintenance cost

  • Compact type with work table
  • Working size from 1×2 up to 1.5×3 m
  • Linear guidelines with bearing blocks
  • High quality Q6/Q8 racks and pinions
  • Water table for cutting above water
  • Strong and powerfull servo motors with digital drives
  • Heavy duty high precision gearboxes
  • Motion speed up to 12.000 mm/min
  • Positionin precision +/-0,1 mm
  • CNC – industrial grade controler
  • THC, IHS torch sense
  • Anticolision system for torch protection
  • Safety switches on all axes
  • Read and load NC code
  • Simple nest from DXF files
  • Plate alignment
  • Load and control cutting parameters 
  • On the fly cut speed control
  • Move cut sequence forward/backward
  • Stop cut / contiune from desired point
  • Manual movement through cut sequence 
  • IHS initial torch height sense
  • Low cost machines 
  • Excellent stability on high acceleration
  • Compact design -easy setup 
  • User friendly CNC control
  • Automatic torch sensing for best cut performance
  • Flexibility and supoprt for all inverter type plasma systems
  • Economical solution for low cost operation
  • No cost for extraction systems and filtration
  • Plasma system for cutting from 0.5 to 40 mm
  • THC sensor for torch height control
  • IHS sensoring
  • Ultrsonic sesoor (optional)
  • Water table for cutting above water
  • Plasma “I” 

Easy setup and installation

Database with cut parameters

High precision and cut quality with inverter plasma systems

High motion speed and positioning precision

Online remote supoprt and maintenance

36 months warranty


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