Cutting machines

Solutions focused on results!

Our CNC cutting machines

High quality and extreme precision plasma cutting machines.

Compact type cutting machines with water table for fast and economical plasma cutting.

Heavy duty gantry type machines for plasma and oxy cutting. 

Fiber laser solution for extreme precision and fine feature cutting.

Water JET

Available from 1 x 2 up to 2 x 6 working area and powered by Hypertherm waterjet pumps.

OTP - tube profiler

Tube profiler – stand alone unit or additional unit to EON HD machines for tube cutting. 

Linear motion

All machines are equipped with high quality linear guidelines on all axes which gives them extreme precision and reliability. Heavy load linear guidelines provide smooth and precise movement,

Sensoring and cutting head control

THC, IHS, CHC and Ultrasonic sensors provide perfect height sense and reliability in torch to plate distance control. Advanced features ensure long life of consumables and lower cutting costs

Motors & Gearboxes

Powered by strong and reliable servo motors and heavy duty gearboxes with extreme precision, our machines achieve very high motion speed. Direct drive transmission to helical racks in Q6/Q8 quality.

Steel frame

Carefully designed steel frame with excellent size to weight ratio gives stability on high acceleration and reliability in long term use of machine. 

36 months warranty period!

All CAT CNC machines are covered with 36 months warranty period and full service and support.