EON Tube Profiler


Advanced, high precision CNC cutting machine for straight and bevel tube and pipe cutting with plasma.

Productivity, Perfromance, Precission

Advanced Technology

EON HD TUBE PROFILER machines are most reliable gantry type cutting machines, designed and manufactured for heavy duty production. Tube Profiler machines are available as standalo unit for pipe cutting only or in combination for sheet metal and pipe cutting. 


EON HD TUBE PROFILER machines are powered and integrated with top of the class equipment

Key features

Main characteristics

Machine type Gantry
Working width From 2000 to 6000 mm
Working lenght From 2000 to 30000 mm
CNC control Industrial CNC with touch screen
Torch sensor THC, IHS, Stahl Force
Motors X axis Brushless AC servo with digital drive
Motors Y axis Dual gantry, brushels AC servo with digital drives
Transmission Direct drive by pinions and racks
Machine speed 40.000 mm/min
Precision +/-0,1 mm
Supported technology Diameter Pro, WMS, True Hole, ContourCut, SilentCut. 3D bevel
Increased Productivity

EON HD 5X machines are excellent choice for all companies looking to increase productivity and use the advantages of bevel cutting

Excellent cut surface

Extreeme precision and smooth movment porvides excellent cut surface on all materials

Time saving

Fully automated EON HD 5X machines save valuable time and speed up cutting process 

Budget Friendly

Optimal invesment to quality ratio, low maintenance cost and very high productivity provide more profitability

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