CNC Cutting machine retrofit

Machine retrofit is perfect solution to all clients with outdated machines which do not meet today’s standard and technology development.

We perform machine retrofit (overhaul) on all machines that still have good structure, and have good quality steel framework.

Benefits of machine retorfit


Retrofit of your old machine can increase productivity up to 40% 

Cut quality

After installation of newest plasma cutting systems cut quality of your machine will significantly improve

Time saving

Retorfit on machine takes less time then delivery of new machine, therefore you can be up to speed with new technology much faster

Budget friendly

Cost of retrofit is up to 30% lower then purchase of complete new machine, and warranty on the machine after retrofit is 3 years


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

Machine retrofit

We have performed a retrofit on all major machine models, such as Messer Griesheim, MGM, Soitaab, SATO, Esab, MicroStep etc

Cost effective

Retrofit is a solution that pays off very fast, does not require high investment and brings more profit to your company

Wide application

Retrofit is possible for all machines with plasma and oxy cutting with compact and or gantry structure.

After Sale Support

After the retrofit, you will be supported with our service team, and have 3 years warranty on complete machine.

Advanced Plasma cutting technology available with retrofit

Diameter PRO

Advanced hole cutting technology from ThermalDynamics with ULTRA CUT XT systems

WMS - water mist

High end technology from ThermalDynamics for non ferrous material

Quick Pierce

New, improved piercing process on thick material, available on ThermalDynamics 

Heavy Cut

Advanced technology for cutting on very thick materials developed by ThermalDynamics 


Excellent bevel cut quality with Hypertherm XPR plasma systems


Technology available with Hypertherm plasma systems


Advanced contour and hole cutting technology from Kjellberg

ContourCut Speed

ContourCut Speed, improved contour cutting on Kjellberg plasma systems


Technology available with Kjellberg plasma systems

CAT CNC is the only company with capability to retrofit any type of cutting machine

” More then 20 years of experience gave us ability to execute retrofit on any machine on the field. We have cases where cutting performance and productivity has been increased up to 40% after retrofit. “

CAT CNC Tech support 

    CAT CNC is a leading manufacturer of high quality CNC cutting machines.
    We provide full support, assistance and knowledge to our clients.
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