What is plasma cutting

plasma cutting system uses a plasma stream to transfer energy to a conductive work material. The plasma stream is typically formed by forcing a gas such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon — or even air — through a narrow nozzle. An electric current produced by an external power supply adds sufficient energy to the gas flow to ionize it, turning it into a plasma arc with temperatures approaching 40,000˚ F. The plasma arc cuts the workpiece by melting it, and blows away the molten metal.

Benefits of plasma cutting


Any electrically conductive metal, including stainless steel and aluminum

Can handle rusted, painted, and expanded metal

Mild steel, stainless and aluminum from 26 gauge up to 50 mm (2″)

Capable of cutting stainless and aluminum up to 182 mm (6-1/4″); some secondary work will be required

Cut quality

Tolerances in the +/- 0.38 mm to 0.5 mm (+/- 0.015” to 0.020”) range with average edge angularity of 2° to 3° on steel less than 10 mm (3/8”); 1° on 12 mm to 38 mm (1/2” to 1-1/2”) steel; less than 1° on 50 mm (2”) steel*


Time saving

Faster than laser on 6 mm (1/4”) and thicker materials

Faster than oxyfuel up through 50 mm (2”)

Budget friendly

Low cost per part on all materials and thickness through 50 mm (2”)

Low service and maintenance requirements

Investment cost – Medium – higher than oxyfuel, lower than laser and waterjet


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

Grow Faster

CAT CNC machines are designedand produced for maximum productivity and with option for easy upgrade to new technologies and installation of new solutions without need to change the compelte machine.

Cost effective

Our plasma cutting solutions are cost effective and each machine is made to meet production demands while increasing your profit.

Wide application

IXO & EON plasma cutting machines are used in shipyards, automotive industry, HVAC, railroad, construction, heavy machinery production etc

After Sale Support

With 3 years warranty period and extensive after sales support our goal is to keep your production running without delays and issues 

Advanced Plasma cutting technology available on IXO and EON HD machines

Diameter PRO

Advanced hole cutting technology from ThermalDynamics with ULTRA CUT XT systems

WMS - water mist

High end technology from ThermalDynamics for non ferrous material

Quick Pierce

New, improved piercing process on thick material, available on ThermalDynamics 

Heavy Cut

Advanced technology for cutting on very thick materials developed by ThermalDynamics 


Excellent bevel cut quality with Hypertherm XPR plasma systems


Technology available with Hypertherm plasma systems


Advanced contour and hole cutting technology from Kjellberg

ContourCut Speed

ContourCut Speed, improved contour cutting on Kjellberg plasma systems


Technology available with Kjellberg plasma systems

CAT CNC is the best company for all your specific production requirements.

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Tanja Rukavina  – Head of Sales 

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