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MRP - production management

Regardless of the size of a company, manufacturing is a complex task.  It involves people, materials, equipment, and many other variables to turn base components into finished products.  In some cases, production may be a simple process of just a few steps.  But in most manufacturing operations, production involves numerous sub-processing steps or assembly steps that add complexity.

The goal of all manufacturing companies is to maximize profit.  This comes about through the utilization of a well-designed production process that continually pursues process improvements and gains in efficiency.  This process requires solid production management to realize these gains and apply them to the bottom line

Sigma MRP

Advanced Manufacturing Resource Manager

Sharing the Right Data at the Right Time

Developed specifically to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry, SigmaMRP integrates directly with the SigmaTEK suite and your other business systems. Manage critical business data—inventory, transactions, customers, suppliers, job status—all from one location.

SigmaMRP is One Source for Everything

SigmaMRP provides one source to track all jobs for your customers right from quotation, through manufacturing right through to delivery and invoicing. No duplicate data entry and no more lost documents, just one complete audit trail that builds customer trust and eliminates confusion.

SigmaMRP fully tracks costs, sales prices, and margins, giving a full overview of profitability at-a-glance. Plus jobs are tracked throughout the process, giving an instant status report of any order within your business.

Adapts to your needs

  • SigmaMRP is built specifically for the fabrication industry
  • Highly customizable pricing easily adjusts for different cost models
  • A programmable scripting engine offers custom cost formulas for any operation in any level of an assembly to get the exact desired price

Built for business

  • Instant quoting based directly on product pricing creates an accurate view of profit margins
  • SigmaMRP provides branded emails and project documents hence is easy for professional communcation
  • Dynamic workflow scheduling with real-time feedback and drag-and-drop simplicity

Better control

  • SigmaMRP is a Job management tool that builds confidence for both fabricator and customer
  • Efficient remnant tracking and full inventory control allocates stock for each job and optimizes material costs
  • Track parts with visual inspection and barcoding throughout manufacturing

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