Q Series plasma systems

Perfect solution for thin and thick metal cutting

The plasma cutting machines Q 3000 and Q 1500 combine precise, highest-level plasma cutting and marking with a maximum cutting current of 300A. Thanks to the modular design, the machine performance of the Q 3000 plus can later be upgraded and, thus, adapted to the customer’s requirements. The specially developed browser-based operator interface Q-Desk provides real-time process data and information of all plant components on any standard device and location-independent. The user benefits from extensive information enabling him to plan and execute a variety of maintenance tasks as guided by the system. This generation of plasma cutting systems is the result of intensive research and development work by Kjellberg and a landmark in the 60 years of Kjellberg’s plasma history. The new digital plasma series Q sets pioneering standards regarding quality and connectivity.

2000Starts per consumable set
80 mmMaximum cut capacity
300AMax power
9013ISO Standard
Q 1500 Q 3000
Power 150A Power 300A
3 Phase, 400V 3 Phase, 400V
Duty Cycle 100% Duty Cycle 100%
Q torch Q Torch
Max Pierce 30 mm Max Pierce 50 mm
Max cut capacity 60 mm Max cut capacity 80 mm
Q Desk interaface Q Desk interaface

Advanced Plasma cutting technology available on IXO and EON HD machines


Advanced contour and hole cutting technology from Kjellberg

ContourCut Speed

ContourCut Speed, improved contour cutting on Kjellberg plasma systems


Technology available with Kjellberg plasma systems

Increased Productivity

Q Series systems are designed for maximum productivity on all material thickness

Excellent cut surface

Exellent cut quality in ISO 9013 standard 

Time saving

With automatic gas console Q series plasma saves time for process set up

Budget Friendly

Optimal invesment to quality ratio, low maintenance cost and very high productivity provide more profitability

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