The World's Most Advanced CAD/CAM Nesting Software

Machines and Motion at their Best

SigmaNEST advanced nesting solution offers a wide range of customizable, modular features to get the most out of your manufacturing operations.

Deisgned to Help Fabricators Win

SigmaNEST drives nearly every type of profile cutting, routing, or punching machine to produce premium quality parts while saving valuable material and manpower. SigmaNEST offers CAD integration, an intuitive interface, and local customer support, which sets the software apart and are all reasons why SigmaNEST is the industry leader with over 21,000 systems installed worldwide.


Machines Supported

Laser , Plasma , Oxyfuel , Punch , Combo , Waterjet , Router , Knife , Multi-process , Mulit Axis

SigmaNEST is Nesting Perfect

Use less material through higher nest yield. 

Inteligent Nesting

  • Advanced algorithms used in SigmaNEST software optimize material savings with using part rotation, mirroring, and more
  • Nesting strategies for complex machines account for hold downs, clamps, repositioning, bevel cutting, and secondary processes
  • Effortlessly nest parts for specialized operations and materials like right angle shear, drop door part ejection, and common line cutting
  • Automated choices for best sheet size and sheet priorit

Powerful Inventory Management

  • Remnant Nesting promotes a First-In First-Out approach to help maintain lean inventory
  • Track inventory status and cost through integrated stock and remnant material database
  • Real-time sheet and heat number tracking
  • SigmaNEST integrates with exisiting ERP/MRP systems to ensure accurate sheet quantities
  • Easily identify customer consigned sheets or reserved inventory
  • Quickly search sheet, part, and work order lists

Efficiency and Savings

Experience a variety of options to reduce pierces, save cutting time, and accurately cut your parts.

Consequently, this comprehensive approach results in ROI by optimizing material utilization, machine motion, manpower, and data management.

  • Motion :  Faster cutting times to increase capacity and efficieny
  • Material : Smart nesting saves 4% average on new and remnant use
  • Machines : Central control gives you more flexibility and simplicity
  • Manage : Integrate operational data for better insight and control
  • Manpower : Faster programming and automation to empower your team

Versatile CAD Import

Smart time-saving CAD import recognizes

Diverse CAD import

  • SigmaNEST software directly imports any major 2D and 3D file for painless part creation
  • Leverage filters and mapping tools to only bring in the parts you need
  • Recognize important CAM features on the drawing or model like bevels, milling pockets, and bends
  • Automatic error correction for DXF, DWG, CDL, IGES, DSTV, STEP files, G-code and NC ESSI code

Part Creation and Management

  • Fast geometry creation with easy CAD tools, standard shapes library, user-definable scripting, dimensioning, and part data marking
  • Store part, nest layout, toolpath, and machine data in an intelligent workspace file
  • Integrated parts database keeps a searchable catalog of all parts, and part geometry, material, area, weight, and cost

Automatic Part Cost Estimating

  • SigmaNEST software automatically calculates part area, weight, cutting time, cost, and material requirements on import
  • User-definable reports and cost parameters

Accelerate Business with SigmaNEST

Streamline business with instant quoting, automated work orders and BOMs, job tracking, scheduling and integrated production data 

Easy Job Handling

  • Batch processing of Bill of Material (BOM) files
  • Track status of each part for every order
  • Dynamically load multiple orders for just-in-time nesting and cutting

Job Tracking and Scheduling

  • Automatic part quantity tracking and production scheduling
  • Work order status reporting
  • Explicit control for holding and releasing orders and parts for production
  • Integrated order database

Detailed Reporting

  • SigmaNEST has dozens of pre-built report templates for different business areas like costing, inventory, machine operations, and unloading
  • Easy-to-use editor to customize any report
  • SigmaNEST reporting data can be imported, exported, or connected to nearly any system

Integrated Data

Integrate data from all areas of your operation to gain key insights and run more smoothly

Integrated CAD/CAM

  • SigmaNEST provides full integration and automatic part creation with 2D and 3D CAD systems including SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
  • Smart inventory management with stock control and remnant tracking
  • Complete part quoting, cost estimation, and searchable part database

Shop Floor Management

  • SigmaSUITE products integrate with shop floor controls through Color Offload, Load Manager and Shop Floor Data Capture
  • Advanced solutions for greater automation from shop floor optimization

Integrated ERM/MRP

  • SigmaNEST integrates with ERP/MRP business systems for cost control and profitability
  • SimTrans data translation integrates production processes with business operations
  • Total integration with SigmaMRP for streamlined costing, planning, and tracking

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